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Molnar-Gabor utazási iroda

Description of the route to the island:

If you depart from Budapest it is adviseable to drive along the motorway ( Blaton-Nagykanizsa-Letenye) as far as the border is. You must follow the traffic signs  “Letenye-HR”. (see information about motorway fees)

At the Hungarian-Croatian border there are exchange offices BUT at our travel agency you can change your money at a fairer rate.

At the Croatian border, on the left, there is a 0-24 ATM, next to it there are some restaurants which are open all day(if you need to have a rest).On the left there is an INA petrol filling station whre you can fill up your car even with gas.

Entering Croatia you  have to keep the same speed limits as in Hungary.

After the border you must follow the “Zagreb” signs along the motorway E 71-E65.

You have to pay motorway fee to use them. At the first gate you have to get a ticket and pay  when you leave the motorway. ( see information about the motorway fees)

Follow the signs to Zagreb. At 86-87 kms there is a restaurant -if you get hungry.

You mustn’t go into Zagreb!

After Zagreb you have to follow the “Split-Rijeka” signs along the bypass road, the you need to turn to “Split-Rijeka”( A1)(E65)

At 17 km, after Zagreb you can taste real delicious cuttlefish!

Then you need to leave the motorway at  exit “Pula Rijeka”- this is the place where you have to pay the motorway fee.

Here, turn to Krk( the traffic sign says”Split-Scrikvenica-Otok Krk”- “otok” means island in Croatian

Driving from among the mountains soon you will reach the bride that leads you  the island of KRK- this bride is the biggest arched bridge in the world

The bridge fee has to be paid entering the island. However, when you leave Krk , you do not have to pay any money.

After the bridge you drive straight along the road, following the traffic signs which say”Krk” ( remember! there is a town called Krk as well!)

About 19 kms from the bridge turn right to Glavotok( at the signs”Otok-Cres, Valbinska, Malinska).On the left theres is Krk town.

/ At the place where you have to turn right, there is a PETROL station-on the left/

Then you drive along Linardic and reach the next village, called Milohnic. Our travel agency is on the left, right after entering the village.

This is the place where you have to check in.- address: Malinska 51 511, Milohnić BB Croatia

GPS data: N 45.07963, E14.45796 google map

For those who use GPS: Remember to read the route description above! Using only the GPS you might end up on a  road that is in rather bad condition!!!!!

If you arrive on a boat, the GPS data of the harbour is:GPS: N 45.06180, E14.44985