General travel conditions

1. Accomodation

The Molnar-Gabor Travel Agency., Brzac 97, 51511 Malinska (agency) according to all informations on our website would accomodate you in an order to your booking dates and places, except of illnesses or unusual and unforseeable circumsantes which could not be avoided e.g. war,civil strife, industrial dispue, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, and all similar events outside our control.

2. Booking and paying for your holiday
We will accept booking by writing, e-mail, or facsimile in our office (Milohnići 52a címen), you will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions and the general informations on our website. We will issue  an invoice confirming the holiday details and price. Please check all paperwork that we send you carefully and contact us immediately if you have any queries. You will need to pay deposit as it mentioned on our website, and will have to complete your payment once you arrive to the accomodation.

3.Tourism fee/environmental protection fee
There is a tourism fee in Croatia which is included in the accomodation price and should be paid. The amount of tourism fee is laid in the regulation law and it is between 2-7 kuna/ day for an adult. You should only pay 50% of this fee for children aged between 12-18 and no fee  is being charged for children under tha age of 12.
It all depends what part of the country you are travelling to (Croatian Bulletin 35/95.)
You may be charged environmental protection fee in some parts of the country, which is set by the local authorities. (It is 1,00 kuna on KRK island, but there is no charge for children under12.
There is an additional charge of 20 kuna/person which must be paid on arrival.

4. Accomodation prices
The price of the accomodation only imply basic service as it mentioned in our offer. It does not imply any special service, you must pay extra charge for it.
The prices are in Euro or Kuna. The prices of the private accomodation show on our wesite only infomative, and may vary. Booking and paying for your accomodation you accept the terms and conditions. We reserve the rights to make any changes if necessary. If we change the prices before your booking you will be informed in advance.
In case of increase in foreign exchange which we may not have had knowledge of, we may change the price after booking 20 days before travel. In this case you may cancel your booking without any charge if the increase exceed 10% of the full amount.
If there is a person travelling with you who is not on the voucher he may not be accomodated or should pay for the services on arrival.

5. If we change or cancel your holiday
It is unlikly that we will make any changes to your booking with us however we may reserve the right to do so if this is due to a factor outside our resonable control. Any chenges are often minor but occasionally we may make a major change. A major change is defined as changing your accomodation to a different hotel (in a same or higher category). If we have to make a major change we will let you know as soon  as possible and offer you an other option. If you are unwilling to accept  the change or we wont be able to offer you anything else , you will receive a full and immediate refund of all monies you have paid to us.

6. If you change or cancel your holiday
The customer can withdraw after paying the deposit. The acces of the declaration of withdrawal is relevant with the agency. One reccomends to the customer to explain the cansellation in writing. It counts as alteration if you happen to change your travel dates or even the number of people, less then 30 days or beyond, before travelling. The first alteration of your accomodation if there is no extra cost appears is free. If you wish to make any more changes you will have to pay 15 euro by alteratin. If the alteretion of your accomodation is not possible and due to that you wish to cancel your holiday we need to take the following steps:
The date of cancellation is the day when we receive your written notification and the settelment of expenses will be made by the followings:
– If you happen to cancel your accomodation 30 days before travelling you will be charged 15% of the full amount.
– if you happen to cancel your accomodation 29 to22 days before travelling you will be charged 25% of the full amount.
– if you happen to cancel your accomodation 21 to 15 days before your travelling you will be charged 40% of the full amount.
– if you happen to cancel your accomodation 14 to 8 days before travelling you will be charged 80% of the full amount.
– if you happen to cancel your accomodation 7 days or less before travelling you will be charged the full amount (100%).
Should you not  appear at your accomodation on a day until midnight without contacting with our office or giving notification we will take it as cancelled, and you will be charged the full price. Only administration fee will be charged if you able to find somebody instead of youself for the same accomodation. If you would like to stay for shorter period as you booked any refund is only possible with the travel agency’s contribution.
In case of booking a private accomodation should we not receive your cancellation 40 days before travelling or will not appear on a day until midnight („no show”) we reserve the right to keep the deposit you have paid.
If you notify us with your cancellation in time (40 days or beyond, before travelling) you will receive a full and immediate (5 working days) refund of all monies you have paid to us.

7. Our resposibilities
We accept responsibility for ensuring the holiday you book with us is supplied as described. We ensure our customers’ rights according to the ones expected in the tourism.  Our agency is responsible for ensuring all the duties as written except of any extraordinary circumstances.

8. Customer responsibilites
You are responsible:
–  to have your travel documents with you
–  to respect the Croatian custom and currency regulations
–  to respect the prescribed rules of the house and collaborate with the landlord
–  to show your payment documents or vouchers on arrival
–  to have entrance visa where appropriate valid
–  You are responsible to pay compensation for any demages made by you.

9. Baggage
We can not be responsible for loss or demage to baggage, personal effects, money or documents. Your insurance policy may cover these items. In case of loss or stolen baggage you should announce it to the police.

10. Complaints

11. We will pay you compensation in case of incomplete service. If you have a complaint  it is necessary to enclose it in writing.
The procession of the procedure:
It is your duty to make a complaint straight after your arrival in case of any problems with your accomodation, and to contact our agency in Milohnici, by e-mail or on our phone number  00385 51 880-186. We will then send one of our agent to the place of the complaint where you must wait for them to give full information. They will do all what they ca to assist you with the complaint. We advice you to collaborate with our agent to prevent the problems as soon as possible. We are not responsible for the circumstances outside your accomodation (street, roadworks, beach,…)
If your complaint is still not satisfied, our representative would ask you to complete a complaints form of which you should retaine a copy. We would ask you to contact us in writing within 8 days of your arrival back home so that we can look at your comments or pictures if enclosed and respond with our findings. If you do not follow the complaints procedure then we have the right not to act upon any claim being made.
– No complaints will be cosidered if you have not brought the matter to the attention of the agent or owner
– It is our duty to give you answer to your complaint in writing within 14 days of complieting the complaints form.
– You must wait for the decision made by us before you may seek legal advice.

As the weather is unpredictable we can not be held responsible for disruption to your holiday due to bad or unusual weather conditions.

12. Competent court
If the complaint is not resolved locally to your satisfaction you should launch for judicial proceedings. In this case you may contact the Court of KRK which is the one venue for this cases.

13. Holiday insurance

We believe that comprehensive personal insurance is essential for a worry free holiday. Our recommended standard cover will be added to your booking unless you give details of any alternative cover (including policy number and name of your insurance provider) at the time of booking. Insurance cover provided by us starts from the date you pay for your holiday in full.  We recommend you to visit  the following web site for more information: Allianz Insurance Company
We are happy to help you if you wish to get your travel insurance organised by our agency.

14. General conditions
You accept the above mentiond General terms and conditions by paying and signing the agreement of your accomodation.

15. Personal data protection
It is our commitment to protect your personal information given to us from use by other companies. The customer agree that we may use their contact iformations (e-mail adress) for transmissions of personal offers.

16. Closing provisions
The person signing the booking accepts the terms and conditions.

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