Why should you choose us?


  • pleasant, fast travelling, on motorways,
  • it is connected to the mainland by a bridge, no need for a ferry,
  • Krk island has its own airport,
  • from departure to the arrival, we will accompany you, and will help in case of any inconvinience,
  • we can organise your special events ( anniversary, birthday party ),

  • there is no end of season with us! We can provide you with our services all through the whole year,
  • there is no time constraint, you can come any time you wish,
  • according to your wish we can organise a “Robinson” tour taking you all over the island,

Krk tour

Do not miss out on visiting the largest Adriatic island, connected to the mainland by the bridge. The visit of the island starts in the bay of Punat where we get on the boat to reach the islet of Košljun. There stands the Franciscan convent built on the basis of a...

Wine tours

Discovery of the local wine-growing region and organization of wine tours.


Biserujka cave: We don't know when the cave system was discovered, all we know is that the oldest cave with writings and signitures was found in 1859.The cave is 110m long, the lowest depth is 12m below the surfice of the earth and 53m below sea-level. 3-5 metre of...

Rent a Boat

There are many opportunities to rent boats (motor boats, sailing boats). If you have not got a licence for driving a boat then we can provide you with a master!

Postonja ( half day )

This is a trip for all those who love nature. After a pleasant drive we arrive at the small place Postojna, where we can see one of the best known and most beautiful caves in Europe. The caves are 22 km long, and an electric train will take us through the first 20...


There are many places on the island where you can enjoy this activity that you are addicted to. If the "moutaineer feever" has not caught you yet, then there is an oppotunity to try this distinguished sport, in full safty on our special wall.


Work, enjoyment, adrenalin! You may experience all these on our organized tours! This programme is being organized from march-october on the river Una, which is suitable for rafting. We wait for the regitration of thoese who would love to experience adventure in...

Sea-fishing, fishing tours

Dear future guests! While our planet's surface is predominant of salty seas and oceans, till then fresh water fishermen know very little about the fish which can be caught here or how to fish them. If you visit us you will be richer in sea fishing experience. To fish...

Canoe picnic ( full day)

A pleasant drive through the scenic landscapes of the Gorski Kotar region brings us to the Kupa River. The virgin nature and the ecologically protected river is the starting point of our canoe safari. An experienced canoiest awaits us there to give instructions before...

Istria ( full day )

Istria, Croatia´s largest peninsula, will attract you not only by its coast but also by the lovely and varied inland area. Join our tour to see Red, Grey and White Istria, to enjoy the beauty of its green hills and numerous vineyards. Istria is also abundant with...

Team building

Working collegues, group of friends, may want a day of team building games that get the team working together in a fun environment whilst ensuring that the guests involved appreciate their collegue's contribution to the day. Participants will see people they work with...


Would you like to try a Quad? Explore the island on our tours, you can choose from a two hours, half day or whole day tours. We will provide you with lunch if you would choose the whole day tour: You may rent a Quad (ATV), or scooter from us. To rent and drive one...


To explore Krk island by bike is a wonderful experience! Especially if there are cycling routes! Krk is one of the biggest island of Croatia, which is unique in many different ways. The island is rich in beautiful places to see, so dont make a mistake by not getting...


What is archey? It is a sport which will enslave you forever, either you do it as  a leisure or competitive activity. It is an itellectual sport for what strength is not needed, but technical preparedness and clever tactics. You may not make a champion  in this sport,...


Please ask for futher information on any of our availabilities, from our office.

Sea kayaking, canoeing

Sea kayaking. The water's "mountain bike"! You don't have to be an expert to do canoeing, only need to be enthusiastic amateur, who is daydreaming first then planning and finally takes it on. Then falling in love with the nomad lifestyle and deep nature-friendly...


Situated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. The sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through the pitoresque surrounding. Plitvice lakes were declared a national park in 1949, and...

Brijuni ( full day )

The Brijuni archipelago covers a group of 14 islands and inlets of exceptional beauty, also famous for their archeological findings. Brijuni was declared a national park in 1984. On this tour you will visit Veli Brijun, archipelago´s largest island. A four-hour ride...

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